Sandford Hill Primary School Art Curriculum

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The school’s Art Leader is Mrs N. Drakeford

The Art Vision- Express; Create; Communicate.

The Art curriculum at Sandford Hill Primary will develop thoughtful, rounded pupils who are ale to communicate meaningfully and crratively through art.



  • To provide memorable learning opportunities for the children through a range of creative medium.
  • To provide oppoprtunities for the children to experience the art work of others through artists in school, museum and gallery visits.
  • To equip the children with a curriculum which offers a structured progression of skills that allow chilkdren to grow creatively and to express themselves effectively.
  • To promote an ‘I can’, attitude to art where children build resilience and recognition of growth learning. “It’s not where I start but where I finish that counts.’
  • To promote an ethos that art skills can be taught and is not reliant on talent alone for it to be an effective channel of communication.
  • To promote opportunities to draft, edit, improve and evaluate their work.
  • To promote opportunities to draft, edit, improive and evaluate their work.
  • To promote opportunities for children to gather inspiration for their work through the work of others and experiences. Children should be encouraged to collate their ideas in a scrap/sketchbook.
  • To promote and broaden the children’s knowledge of how art is used in the work place and has a relevance for future careers and prospects.



An overview of Art at Sandford Hill

Welcome to Art at Sandford Hill! At Sandford Hill Primary School, we pride ourselves in offering a broad and varied curriculum, encouraging children to explore their creative self in safe and fun ways.  Children have the opportunity to explore a range of mediums including paint, collage, printing, textiles and 3D work.  We are especially lucky to have an operating on-site kiln and use that to our advantage to fire our own glazed pottery work with particular reference to our local culture. Art takes place in all classrooms throughout the year running in conjunction with other creative subjects such as Design and Technology, Music and Dance.  We are also are partner school to PiCL (Partnerships in Creative Learning) who help deliver creative learning projects in school. In recent years this has enabled us to have our own artists in residence, who work closely with the children across key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Thus, at Sandford Hill our aim is to ensure that no matter what your ability creatively; the opportunity to express is at the forefront of our minds.