Sandford Hill Primary School Music Curriculum

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The school’s Music Leader is Mrs. J. Brian

The Music Vision

The Sandford Hill Primary School Music curriculum will inspire in all pupils a life-long love of music.


The Aims for Music:

  • To engage children to appreciate  music over the ages and across cultures
  • To develop the children’s ability to listen with discrimination.
  • To develop the children’s talents as musicians, providing them with regular opportunities to perform individually, in small groups and in ensembles
  • To develop the children’s confidence for self- expression through singing and through musical composition
An overview of Music at Sandford Hill

Welcome to Music at Sandford Hill where  we strive to provide opportunities for all children to express themselves by being able to create, play, perform and enjoy music. All children are  encouraged  to participate in a variety of musical activities and are provided with opportunities  to sing,  to listen and appreciate different styles and genres of music.

Our younger  the children play musical instruments and sing a variety of songs from memory, adding accompaniments and creating short compositions, with increasing confidence, imagination and control.

Our older  children progress to sing songs and play instruments with increasing confidence, skill, expression and awareness of their own contribution to a group or class performance. They begin to improvise, and develop their own musical compositions, in response to a variety of different stimuli with increasing personal involvement, independence and creativity. They explore their thoughts and feelings through responding physically, intellectually and emotionally to a variety of music from different times and cultures.

We believe music is a vehicle for self expression which can play an important part in the children’s personal development and ensure they feel part of a community. Opportunities are provicded to further develop the children’s intersts and talents through extra curricular clubs and opur school choir performs at a number of venues across the city.

 We aim to make our music lessons  fun, modern and wide ranging in their use of musical genres. Our scheme of work supports and challenges children who are working at different levels, ensuring that the learning is pitched appropriately for each activity. In our lessons, we utilise individual, group and whole class activities as a way to explore musical knowledge and skills. Discussion, improvisation and performance are all important steps for our children in music lessons, as well as opportunity to express their responses in art and dance.

Children will develop life skills on their journey iand display ‘Thoughtfulness and Respect’ towards others. Music lessons support  cooperation and communication and  give our children the opportunity to explore and develop their sense of self

We are very fortunate to have the support of Mrs Ford our dance specialist and City Music Service who offer CPD training and create platforms to join in performances across the city.