Sandford Hill Primary School R.E. Curriculum

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The school’s R.E. Leader is Mrs S. Smith

The R.E. Vision

The Religious Education curriculum at Sandford Hill Primary will develop thoughtful and respectful pupils. It will  nurture our pupil’s religious literacy to equip them for life and citizenship in today’s diverse Britain.



  • To develop a growing knowledge and understanding of the different religious beliefs, practices, language and traditions which form part of today’s contemporary society
  • To provide life experiences with visitors and visits to enhance and further develop pupil understanding of different practices within community faiths and how different individuals and communities to live together respectfully
  • To articulate views, personal beliefs, experiences and ideas clearly whilst respecting the rights of others to different views
  • To understand the difference between right and wrong and develop the skills to agree or disagree respectfully
  • To experience different cultural celebrations giving pupils the opportunity to identify similarities and differences between festivals and how these are important to believers
  • To ensure the R.E curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced to reflect the fact that the religious traditions of Sandford Hill are predominantly Christian, whilst also taking account of the teachings and practices of the other principal religions across the school



An overview of Religious Education at Sandford Hill

Welcome to R.E. at Sandford Hill!  Our R.E. curriculum is aligned with the 2016 agreed Stoke-on-Trent syllabus for Religious Education which has been designed to offer a wide and varied cultural education of major World religions. The focus of the  curriculum is predominantly on the Christian faith whilst at the same time developing the children’s understanding of the other main faiths of our pupils. We endeavour  to equip all pupils with the relevant skills and confidence to become successful critical thinkers who reach their true potential, recognising and respecting the rights of others who may have different views and beliefs.  The R.E. curriculum provides the children with opportunities  to examine ethical issues and to debate and helps them understand why people make decisions.

Our curriculum also showcases other cultures and celebrations, so that pupils can learn and appreciate their own and others values, attitudes, and beliefs. At the same time, the R.E. curriculum also provides opportunities for the children to reflect on what it means to have a faith and to develop their own spiritual, moral and cultural knowledge and understanding.  Learning about religions from religion.