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The school’s Technology Leader is Mrs T. Frost

The Technology Vision

The Technology curriculum at Sandford Hill Primary will develop confident pupils who show creativity and problem solving skills when designing and making appealing products that are fit for a purpose. The children will be equipped with the  practical skills necessary for the wider world.


The Aims for Technology:

  • To enable the children to design and make high quality products to be proud of
  • To ensure that the children show ‘Thoughtfulness and Respect’ when evaluating their own work and that of others
  • To master a variety of technology skills to apply in real life sitautions
  • To understand the importance of nutrition for a healthy life
  • To confidently prepare meals using pealing and cutting and cooking techniques
  • To promote the importance of making safe and healthy food choices
An overview of Technology at Sandford Hill

Welcome to Technology at Sandford Hill!

At Sandford Hill Primary School we are committed to engendering enthusiasm for Design Technology by providing opportunities for our children to learn a range of practical skills such as sawing, sewing, joining, cutting and measuring which will support them throughout their life. We aim to achieve this by providing exciting, practical tasks, which encourage our children to use their problem solving skills and encourage independence and perseverance.

Through progressional topic based projects, children in our school have the opportunity to analyse existing products and design their own functional and appealing product for a particular purpose. They will also be encouraged to support each other and use their skills, knowledge and creativity to make and evaluate their product against the intended purpose.

At Sandford Hill Primary School we understand the importance of encouraging a healthy lifestyle and with the use of our designated food technology room, children have the opportunity to develop practical food preparation skills when they undertake a range of healthy projects. We aim to equip our children with a variety of culinary techniques, have the knowledge of where food comes from as well as ensuring that our children understand the importance of kitchen safety when preparing meals