Meet our Nursery Staff

Miss Hodgson

My name is Miss Hodgson.  I am the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Leader here at Sandford Hill Primary and I teach a Reception class. I have been teaching here for 8 years and early years has always been a passion of mine. Outside of school I love reading, going to the gym and walking my dog Bruno.

Mrs Mitchell

My name is Mrs Mitchell and I am the teacher in the nursery.  I have worked at Sandford Hill Primary School for about 18 years and really enjoy teaching in early years.  When I am at school, I especially love to teach phonics and read stories.  At home I live with Mr Mitchell, my two boys and my dog Muddles.  We all love to take Muddles for walks and to go for rides on our bikes.

Mrs Gater

My name is Mrs Gater and this is my 16th year working at Sandford Hill Primary School. I love working in the nursery for 3 days a week , but am busy at home too, as I have three children; two sons, a daughter and a dog. I like to go for walks to the park and family days out

Mrs Hulme

My name is Mrs Hulme and I have been working as an Early Years Practitioner at Sandford Hill Primary since 2012. I enjoy my role in the nursery class and especially enjoy helping children achieve their next step. At home I enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes on my family. I spend lots of time walking my dog and am always looking for new places to visit.

Mrs Morton

My name is Mrs Morton and I have been a Nursery Practitioner at Sandford Hill for over 21 years. I love working in the early years and learning through creative play, but my favourite activity is Disco Dough! I live at home with my husband, two daughters and my dog Charlie and my favourite part of every week is having Sunday lunch with my Dad and my family.

Mrs Salt

My name is Mrs Salt and I am an Early Years Practitioner in Nursery. I have worked in Early years for 10 years and really enjoy teaching and caring for young children. I love reading stories and creative activities such as painting and junk modelling. At home I live with Mr Salt, my 3 children and my dog Cooper.

Mrs Yeomans

My name is Mrs Yeomans, I have worked in schools for 28 years. This is my 5th year working at Sandford Hill Primary School and I really enjoy it. I live with Mr Yeomans, my two girls and my dog. At home I like to take my dog for a walk and bake with my children.