Accelerated Reader

When children can read fluently and independently, they start the Accelerated Reader programme. Accelerated Reader is an online programme linked to a vast collection of books available in our library. The purpose of these reading books is to further develop and sustain a love of reading.

 Accelerated Reader works by identifying a child’s ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development) which is a selection of books that will not only match their reading ability but will also challenge and develop their vocabulary. Every half term, the children take a short ‘Star Reader’ test which identifies their ZPD. Children can then choose books from the school library that fall within this ZPD range. Our children are provided with opportunities to read their books daily in school and there is an expectation that the children read at least four times a week at home. When the children finish their book, they take a short online quiz. The quiz checks that the children have read and understood the book.  It also enables teachers to closely monitor individual reading progress and ensure that children are selecting books which are challenging enough to meet their individual needs.