The School Council

School Council

Who are the School Council?

The School Council are a group of Year 6 pupils who are elected annually through a voting process. This is just one of  the ways we actively promote British Valies across the school;- especially the notion of democracy. All Year 5 pupils given the opportunity to stand to be a School Council member. Pupils write a campaign speech which they then present to the rest of the school, stating why they would like to become a member and what their strengths are. Following this, the rest of the pupils vote for their chosen candidates. The twelve pupils with the highest number of votes become the next School Council at the start of Year 6.

What does the School Council do?

 Our School Council represent the pupils in school. Members attend fortnightly meetings with a teacher and follow an agreed agenda. They also:

  • meet with assigned classes regularly to collect views and ideas
  • share views and ideas with The Council
  • plan, organise and carry out fundraising events
  • help with activities taking part in school eg Harvest, school photos, sports days
  • meet and plan with members of the community eg Approach
  • write and produce a School Council newsletter
  • share information and ideas with Senior Leaders and staff
  • manage council funds
  • lead assemblies
  • encourage
  • encourage ‘Thoughtfulness and Respect’ at all times

Members also take on roles within The Council including:

  • chairperson
  • vice-chairperson
  • secretary
  • treasurers
  • media officers