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Super dancing

We would like to say a big well done to Scarlett who took part in a dance show this weekend. She was so excited to share with us her photographs and special certificate, what a superstar!

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Nursery Exploring Colours

Recently we shared the story Elmer the Elephant, we talked about how we are all different but the same. The children created some fabulous 'Elmers' using and naming lots of different colours. We ended the week with an experiment using Skittles and warm water.

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Year 6 Investigate Shadows

Year 6 have undertaken some very impressive science today as they investigated how a shadow changes as an objects moves closer or further away from a light source. The children worked in teams to plan their own investigation, carried this out independently to gather...

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Firefighters visit

As part of our 'people who help us' topic, we were very lucky to have a visit from the firefighters at Longton station. They showed us the uniform and equipment they need and the tools they use. We even got to sit in the fire engine and watch the lights flash! We...

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Autumn leaves

This week in Reception, we are learning about the season of autumn. We have discussed the changes that take place including how the leaves change colour to red, yellow orange and brown. Down in our school woodlands this we found lots of autumn leaves....

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Year 6 Miró Artwork

As part of their focus on artist Joan Miró, Year 6 have continued a piece of his art following the same style. The children have demonstrated excellent observation skills, taking the key features of Miró and using them effectively themselves. At the end of our lesson,...

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