Thoughtfulness, Respect and Hard Work

At Sandford Hill Primary, our vision is to develop positive relationships and nurture thoughtful, respectful, aspirational, resilient and co-operative pupils who:

– Think and care about themsleves and  others within the school community and beyond

– Value that is everyone is different

– Aim to be the best that they can be

– Work hard and are willing to learn by trying and making mistakes, in order to succeed

– Work collaboratively and with consideration for others


We will achieve this by creating a safe, happy school which has the personal development of children at its heart and provides a wealth of learning opportunities to inspire the interests and talents of all.

At the end of their time at Sandford Hill Primary, our children will take with them the skills to:


– Make safe and healthy choices

– Communicate confidently

– Prepare them for a digital world

– Become independent learners, with a secure knowledge of the basics, who have a desire to further improve

– Take pride in their personal achievement and pride in their school and their community.