Active Learning

We recognise the importance of developing children that are fully immersed within an active lifestyle, as by doing this, the health and happiness of our children can only benefit. Our whole school community works towards creating an environment in which being active is the norm, and we encourage our children, regardless of age, to be ambassadors for a active lifestyle themselves. 

Below are some of the primary ways that we immerse our children within an active lifestyle and provide them with the skills to continue this throughout their lives. 


Every child at our school has the opportuntity to both learn to swim and become a confident swimmer that loves the water. By engaging with swimming in each year group, children are enabled to keep themselves, and others, safe around water and to view swimming as they would any other activity. 

Our school swimming lessons take place at the Fenton Manor Sports Complex and are delivered by qualified swimming instructors.



We recognise that for many children, being able to ride a bike confidently is fundamental part of childhood. To facilitate this in a safe and supportive environment, we have a large number of bikes that have been kindly donated by our wider school community, meaning that children can learn this skill on a bike that is right for them. In order to fully equip children for riding a bike in their local community, we also provide bikeabiltiy sessions for each year group which enable children to recognise hazards and keep themselves safe, all whilst having fun. 

As we recognise the importance of this skill to our children, we are looking to develop these provisions further in the near future through the installation of a dedicated cycle track. How exciting!


Through consultation with our pupils and establishing the activities that they enjoy outside of school, we have invested in a KS1 and KS2 class set of scooters. This allows children to develop their balance and confidence on a scooter in an environment that is safe and free from hazards. To allow our children to feel comfortable, every child is provided with a helmet and knee-pads when using a scooter, meaning that they can fully focus on devleoping their skills. In order to ensure that every child has the opportuntity to engage with this resource, each class has a dedicated 1 hour scooter session each week in addition to any other P.E. that currently takes place.

5 Minute Activities

Whilst we love going outside to engage in activties, we recognise that being more active can happen anywhere and this is fundamental to our belief that an active lifestyle is the norm. Below is a list of some of the websites and resources that are used in the classroom to promote active learning. Click on the link to visit each website.


BBC Supermovers
Body Coach Primary Workouts
Go Noodle
Jump Start Jonny
Just Dance