Sports Teams/Clubs

In School 




As a school, we actively encourage all our children to engage with our teams and clubs, or to suggest new clubs if what they are looking for doesn’t yet exist. By having the opportunity to try something new, with children whom they may not otherwise work alongside, children are empowered to continue this activity outside of school.

Please have a look at some pictures of what each club has been getting up to.  

As part of our aim to embed children within an active lifestyle, we encourage them to pursue the activies that they enjoy ourside of school. Lots of activities are free and they are a great way to make new friends whilst developing your skills. We love sharing our children’s successes with the wider school community so please do keep us updated with how you’re getting on in your teams and clubs. 

Below are some links to sports teams and clubs that are local to our school. Feel free to contact these clubs directly if you require any further information regarding what they offer. Click the name to visit their website.